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“Plastic, let’s stop eating oil!”

A project   of the BTS in Water Management and Control at the Georges Desclaude agricultural high school in Saintes, supported byStephane TrifilettiAndValerie Pouletaud

Remove petrochemical plastic (PET) from high school

It is because we ingest one plastic credit card per week, that these young people, accompanied by their teachers, have taken up the challenge of eliminating single-use packaging made from petroleum, breaks, snacks, and school outings. .

The water bottle has become in recent years the symbol of the reduction of plastic bottles but for these young people born under the acceleration of climate issues and yet exponential consumption, the challenge is daunting.

From the drawing and their ideas LYSPACKAGING gave birth to a 100% biosourced and reusable reed water bottle. A composting or eco-digester project should make the biodegradation and compostability of the gourd real.

A French co-product

In order to distinguish himself from traditional plastic, Nicolas Moufflet, president of Lyspackaging is campaigning to transcend the material by adding co-products.

Also for content/container consistency.

EX: incorporate olive pits for olive oil.

Not only are the color and the material unique, but this audacity brings additional protective qualities.

It is therefore a great pride to convey to young people,  locally, that petrochemical plastic is not inevitable, recycling is far from being miraculous, alternative solutions exist but that everything depends of their environmental, political and cultural awareness and above all of their will.

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